Since the foundation of the company in the 90’s, Propane Nord-Ouest has been offering outstanding services to clients from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors (mining industry). Our clients know they can count on our professionalism, rigour and know-how.

  • Delivery


    Propane Nord-Ouest offers flexible and efficient propane delivery services. We deliver our products to your house or company on a weekly or monthly basis or any other interval of your choosing based on your needs and requirements.

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  • Installation


    Propane Nord-Ouest sells and installs a wide range of propane-fuelled products such as fireplaces, pool heaters, furnaces, lamps and much more. Our team of professional will make sure your appliances are properly installed.

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  • Repair


    No matter the type of failure or defect of your propane-fuelled appliance, Propane Nord-Ouest will send its team of repairmen to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

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  • Maintenance


    Gas appliances should be maintained regularly to remain safe, perform optimally and have an extended service life. Let Propane Nord-Ouest take care of maintaining your appliances.

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