Propane advantages

  • Safety Tips

    Safety Tips

    Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas commonly referred to as gas cylinder, which has proven very popular for domestic, commercial and industrial uses. With the right appliances and the most elementary prudence, propane use and handling is a safe, convenient and economical operation for all users.?

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  • Supply Security

    Supply Security

    A division of Parkland Fuel Corporation since April 2016, Propane Nord-Ouest is the only propane company in the area to have its own railway wagons through its Elbow River subsidiary. Thanks to its agreement with the TransRail terminal in Val-d’Or and its 2 satellite plans strategically located in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Propane Nord-Ouest has over 6 million litres in reserve. With access to the TransRail terminal, Propane Nord-Ouest ensures the security of its supply. However, if a railway problem should occur, the company has its own fleet of trucks that can travel to Sarnia by road, which takes 28 hours to and from Val-d’Or.

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  • Disaster


    At home, propane is indispensable for your wellbeing all the time. So…have you thought of protecting the members of your family in emergency situations such as ice storms, tornadoes, earthquakes or major blackouts? You can make your house safer with propane equipment.

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