• 3 30,000 USWG tanks on concrete bases
  • 18,000 USWG tank on a steel skid
  • 45,000 USWG tank on a steel skid
  • This location will be able to hold 4 30,000 USWG tanks on steel skids once the work is complete.
  • 22,000 USWG tank on a steel skid
  • 18,000 USWG tank on a steel skid
  • Tanks from 2,000 to 45,000 USWG are also available (bulk delivery tank, mine or surface building heating; allows cylinders and other tanks to be filled directly at your site)
  • 8' X 20' fuelling station located near storage tanks
  • Truck scale and pump for cylinder filling
  • Explosion proof switch
  • Explosion proof lighting

Here are a few samples of concrete bases that can hold propane tanks. Note that the foundations must extend below the frost line or be protected by insulation, unlike the steel skids installed on the surface, which are designed to resist frost heave.

Portable 1,000 USWG tanks on steel skids meet the TC51 standard, allowing the shipment of full tanks to fuel propane generators inside a building. A propane line can also supply the camp kitchen, water heater and heating system. Propane generators are available from 6 to 150 KW.

A line of electric or direct-fired vaporizers is available for all capacities.


We offer underground gas lines made of Yellow jacket-type polyethylene and welding steel, in all sizes.


Ideal for getting an interruptible supply rate with your natural gas provider.



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