Dry and security control station

  • Whether it is for showers or heating the dry with forced hot air, our propane units will get the job done like nothing else.
  • Our boilers and gas water heater and tankless instant water heaters provide full satisfaction.
  • Our gas heating units make sure your clothes are dry and ready for your next shift.


Headframe, concentrator, laboratory and tailings site /h3>

  • The intense heat of propane is perfect for large boilers, heat treatment, incineration and generators. We can advise you on propane boilers and generators. We also sell current generators (with no internal combustion engine). Ideal for instrumentation and other applications.
  • Emergency shower with no risk of hypothermia thanks to our propane boilers.
  • Hot air heating products for repair workshops, warehouses and other buildings. These units are available from 45,000 to 400,000 BTU in sealed and unsealed models.
  • We have a number of low- and high-intensity infrared units that may also meet your needs. Our manufacturer can provide an installation plan that suits your specific requirements, absolutely free of charge.
  • A wide variety of 100% efficient direct- and indirect-fired units are also available for the concentrator, laboratory and engineering shop.
  • Heated floor for concrete slab. Glycol piping to be connected to a propane boiler. Several capacities available.
  • Propane lift trucks are very popular in factories and warehouses because of the fuel savings, the long life of the engine, the absence of batteries to charge and the cleaner, smoke-free exhaust.
  • Commercial sweeper ideal for factories and parking lots.
  • A variety of cylinder cages available.
  • Portable direct- or indirect-fired radiators are often found on construction sites. Specialized units for large worksites are also available on special order.
  • A wide variety of cylinders and tanks of all sizes are available for supply security.
  • Portable indirect heating units from 395,000 to 1,250,000 BTU for quality air with no humidity. Ideal for temporary megadomes.


Engineering shop and wash plant

  • Compact propane heating unit for Cargo Cab Heater, available in 12 and 24 volts with a 20,000 BTU capacity. Replaces discontinued Hunter PH20-15A and PH20-16A.
  • Propane hot water cleaners are available in portable and stationary models and can even be connected to an outdoor tank. Unlike diesel, propane cannot contaminate your buildings and property.
  • Powerful boilers provide the energy you need to clean and de-ice your equipment.


Backfill plant – concrete plant

  • Propane is very useful for heating water for conventional concrete plants as well as concrete plants in the mining industry.
  • Working with Éclipse Combustion, we can convert a Wabi stove to propane.


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