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Propane is a convenient, economical, versatile and ecological solution in many ways for numerous businesses. Whether you run a restaurant or are looking to install a propane-fuelled heating system in your place of business, Propane Nord-Ouest will gladly assist you as a supplier, installer and repairer of all types of propane-fuelled appliances and systems.

Our corporate services are renowned for their quality and efficiency. Propane Nord-Ouest is proud to partner with local companies to ensure propane supply and installation of their propane-fuelled heating, air-conditioning, ventilation or other appliances. A wide range of businesses rely on our services and continue to put their trust in our company. Propane Nord-Ouest works with companies from different industries:

• Restaurant
• Agriculture
• Construction
• Public institutions
• And many more

Our team of technicians with recognized expertise is always prepared to meet the needs of its clients from the commercial sector.

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