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Propane Nord-Ouest

In 1994, Lucien Mirault and Carole Carrier started Propane Nord-Ouest in their own backyard in Val Senneville. While he was a regional sale representative for ICG Propane, Mr. Mirault met Mr. Yvan Larivière of Scierie Gallichan, Launay.

The mutual trust that has been developing between them led to the first agreement for Propane Nord-Ouest. Soon after, a vehicle was filled up with propane for the first time in Val Senneville.


Company history

In the past eight years, the second generation has been active in ensuring the company’s viability. Through the determination of its founders and children, the company has been thriving year in year out!

On April 5, 2016, Parkland Fuel Corporation, one of North America's fastest growing distributors and marketers of fuels and lubricants, announced the acquisition of Propane Nord-Ouest ("PNO").

Propane Nord-Ouest represents a strategic expansion of Parkland's propane offering in Québec, a key growth area for its business. The PNO transaction is the first for Parkland's new Québec-based team that is developing organic growth and acquisition opportunities in its retail and commercial business segments.


Competitive services and advantages

  • Our company invests and promotes the area’s economic growth while maintaining close ties with the local community.
  • Our specialty store with 6,000 sq. ft. of sales area offers all types of gas appliances.
  • LIn order to make sure that a continuous supply is made available, propane is sent to us by train straight from refineries in western Canada.
  • Access to one of our subsidiaries’ railway terminals allows us to stock up on supplies and ensure delivery to remote areas.
  • Propane Nord-Ouest is the only company offering a turnkey service, from the sale and delivery of appliances to their installation.
  • Our young and vibrant team benefits from our investment in ongoing training. This allows us to guarantee that the seamless service we have been offering for the past 20 years will always be at the core of our business.


Val d'Or
3 30,000 USWG tanks
One 18,000 USWG tank
One 18,000 USWG tank

Technical assistance

  • Recommendations of different types of installations for engineering firms
  • Design and engineering service available
  • Expertise in direct-fired heating systems designed for the mining industry through a partnership with the Montreal-based company Eclipse Combustion.


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